Hiram Ryan Sets The Mark High With Asia Trans Pacific  

About Asia Trans Pacific, LLC 

Asia Trans Pacific (ATP) is a newly established start-up International air freight company, with its Corporate Headquarters in Houston Texas USA and operational base at St Louis, Missouri USA, Placencia Airport, Belize and Manta Airport, Ecuador providing a worldwide network of dedicated revenue streams from air cargo and passenger charters within The United States, Latin/South America, China/Asia and Africa. 

Asia Trans Pacific, LLC was incorporated in 2013 by Ryan Aerospace Chairman & CEO Hiram Ryan. Its primary objective will be to transport fresh agricultural products, meat, poultry, and flowers as well as pharmaceutical products from Central and South America to the Shanghai E-Commerce Basin, Ningbo, and Beijing in China, as well as Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam.  
Landing Rights  

ATP is currently securing landing rights in all airports within the U.S., the U.K., Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, as well as limited airports within Russia and Africa. This is in addition to its current endeavors in China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam. 


Asia Trans Pacific has thus far secured three (3) signed major contracts from Agriculture and Dairy Producers as well as a major Pharmaceutical companies to start flying during the forth quarter of 2015. 

At present the three (3) signed contracts that are in hand has an annual Gross Profit of One Billion Sixty Thousand Million Dollars (USD$1,060,000,000). There are two others that are in the process of signing for a Gross Value of Seventy Four Million Four Hundred Thousand Dollars (USD $74,4000,000) 

In addition, Asia Trans Pacific has in hand a number of Letters of Intent (LOI’s) waiting for Asia Trans Pacific to secure their first aircraft that are ready to fly. 

The proposed “Contracts’ are from: 

The World Health-A three year contracts to fly to Africa, South East Asia, Philippines, India. 

Samsung-Contracts to fly weekly into Central and South America  

Chines Manufactures-Contracts to fly weekly into Central and South America. 

U.S. Department of Defense is ready to offer ATP a five (5) year contract for three (3) aircraft for the first half of 2016 and expanding to Ten (10) aircraft by the end of 2016.  

 Contact Hiram Ryan at Ryan Aerospace for additional information.